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Solutions for Enterprise


Enterprise Solutions are highly dependent on specific business type, yet they all share many important requirements and solutions with Campus Networks as presented in the Solution by Industry for Education. Please refer there for vital information, and then continue below.

Despite having much commonality with university campus networks, enterprises necessitate a somewhat heavier focus on items driven by profit & loss concerns, legislative mandates, and liability issues -- availability, reliability, privacy, Quality of Service (QoS), low latency, link protection and switching times, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR), long-term secure storage, rapid turn up of new services and locations based on market forces, and precise timing of rollouts.

IPITEK excels at the heavier focus items for business, unlike the dozens of equipment suppliers that just build boxes. NASA, telcos, cable/MSOs, and broadband providers like our good old fashioned ingenuity: MORE reliability, availability, capability, and ease of use; FASTER provisioning, service turn up, service changes, and network troubleshooting; with SMALLER price, power consumption, and platform size. IPITEK is an ideal long-term partner for any serious business. Not only do we stay at the leading edge of technology, our 28 year track record proves our longevity and endurance.

After Ipitek turns up dedicated 10 Gb/s optical links between your company sites, distance and bandwidth are no longer an issue for business critical needs like consolidation of data and application servers, storage area networks (SAN), and hot backup sites. In addition, our modular future-proof platforms allow you to take advantage of emerging Ethernet technologies such as Metro-Ethernet and services including EVPLs and EVCs while preserving your existing infrastructure investment.














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