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With today’s fast moving fiber optic broadband technology, Cable/MSOs are faced with opportunities as well as challenges. Consumers are hungry for advanced telecom services — mobile video streaming, HDTV, VoD, broadband Internet access, voice over IP (VoIP), and TDM voice. At the same time, MSOs are leveraging their network assets by expanding into non-traditional markets, wireless backhaul and Carrier Ethernet enterprise services, backed up with service level agreements (SLAs). These services require high bandwidth and robust quality of service, characteristics that both necessitate enhancements to existing network infrastructure, but CapEx needs to be done carefully with an eye on the increased competition from Digital Broadcast TV, satellite operators, ILECs & CLECs offering IPTV over DSL and fiber, video over IP, and mobile video delivery to cell phones with 3G/4G/DVB-H.

Furthermore, MSOs using IPITEK networks can even be competitive in offering Carrier-of-Carrier (CoC) services. In the current telecommunications marketplace where infrastructure is costly, many communications customers lease services via CoCs rather than build their own network.

IPITEK’s converged future-proof network technology in the MSP-CES and MSP-10GE-OP 10g Ethernet switches eliminates numerous overlay networks previously needed to deliver MSO services. Gone are the costs for multiple layers of hardware, routing complexity, and redundant personnel for management, maintenance, and troubleshooting. The resulting network offers higher availability as well as optimized performance and resource utilization.

Our Advanced Services Transport (AST) and 1550 nm Transmission products sit between the radio frequency (RF) signal out of the coaxial cable from your house, and the optical fiber going to the cable company office. In smaller boxes using less power our improved technology pushes more information between the two.

IPITEK's advanced digital video distribution family MSP-110 through MSP-220T provide high performance, cost effective solutions for transport of multiple types of video, HDTV, and collateral signals. The MSPs offer multiple optical options allowing integration into any type of network. The whole family is designed with the latest SFP optical modules, allowing rapid field replacement or reconfiguration. For high density interconnect systems, IPITEK's HBR-2502 series multi-channel transport system provides a strong super highway for standard and digital video, VoD and related telephone and internet services.


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