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LumiTherm 2000

LumiTherm 2000 Pyrometer Temperature Sensors

Pyrometer Temperature Sensors

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LumiTherm 2000 Pyrometer Temperature Sensors

LumiTherm 2000 Pyrometer Temperature Sensors

The LumiTherm 2000 fiber-optic thermometer is a multi-channel temperature measurement system, with a choice of modules for different temperature ranges up to 1600 º C. Each channel consists of a sapphire (or quartz) probe, a flexible fiber-optic cable, and an electro-optic plug-in module. LumiTherm optical pyrometers are a superior high-temperature measurement solution for hostile environments where corrosive chemicals or high electromagnetic interference (EMI) exist, or where electrical sparks may present an ignition hazard. The small diameter probe allows temperature monitoring with minimal disruption to operating equipment and can be fit easily into many existing systems. Rapid response time allows real-time feedback and control.
  • ± 1º C Accuracy or Better
  • Ranges: 350 to 1200º C (660 to 2200º F), 450 to 1600º C (840 to 2900º F)
  • High Resolution: 0.1º C
  • Emissivity Correction: T Dependence Corrected to 2nd Order
  • Up to 12 Probe Channels
  • Factory Calibration Service
  • Flexible Fiber-Optic Cable up to 30 meters

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