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Regarded for its high level of technological innovation, IPITEK excels at creative custom solutions for cutting-edge product development in fiber-optic based technology for intelligent broadband networks, advanced sensor applications, and defense/aerospace R&D. IPITEK manufactures all of its products in high technology, opto-electronics manufacturing and test facilities, utilizing strict quality processes certified by ISO 9001. The company has a long and distinguished history of providing high technology products and services to the defense and aerospace industry and to many agencies of the U. S. Government.

For over 35 years, IPITEK has developed and manufactured optical communications products for telecom, cable TV, and private/institutional metro networks. IPITEK's broadband optical communications products enable the next generation intelligent broadband networks which are being deployed worldwide to accommodate the dramatic growth in digital media communications traffic, including video and bandwidth-hungry data services. Our customers include major Telecom Carriers, major Cable Operators and many other major network providers, broadcast / media companies, educational institutions, and municipalities. IPITEK operates two leased facilities in Carlsbad, California totaling just over 40,000 square feet. Within the Division’s facilities, IPITEK maintains several advanced R&D labs, manufacturing, production, and test facilities, as well as a sensitive compartmented information facility (“SCIF”) space for classified activities. Backed by an energetic, experienced and dedicated team of engineers, product specialists and customer service personnel, IPITEK products have proven their exceptional performance and high reliability in installations around the world.

Our team of software and digital designers, RF engineers, FGPA and photonics tech experts, and system architects, provide unparalleled flexibility in working with both commercial and government clients on customized solutions for critical needs, from unclassified to proprietary to classified. As a US manufacturer, IPITEK is a stable, domestic source of specialized, high value manufacturing with the ability to customize products and effectively work with legacy interfaces.

Carrier-Class Ethernet

IPITEK delivers the most cost-effective and compact optical Ethernet platforms in the industry. IPITEK's advanced MEF 9 and 14 certified platforms provide a high efficiency method for transporting all types of broadband services.

Digital Video Transport

IPITEK's advanced digital video transport products provide high performance, cost effective solutions for transport of multiple types of video, HDTV, and collateral signals.

Hybrid Fiber-Coax

Since the very early days of RF/Microwave Photonics, IPITEK has demonstrated its leadership in linearization of non-linear optical systems using proprietary pre-distortion and software defined techniques applied to RF & Microwave Photonic Systems. IPITEK's 1550 nm supertrunks has been deployed worldwide to carry analog and digital signals from the Regional Headend to multiple hubs over long distances. Operating from hubs, the new high performance 1310 nm transmitters provide the same level of quality over shorter distances directly to the nodes.

Network Management

Today's broadband networks rely on high performance monitoring and control to provide accurate, reliable operation. IPITEK meets these network challenges with a sophisticated, reliable systems that provide seamless, integrated operation in multiple types of operating systems.

Commercial-Grade All-Optical Sensors

IPITEK develops and manufactures a diverse line of advanced All-Optical temperature sensors. Our products include All-Optical contact temperature sensors, optical pyrometers, and quartz-based, ultra-high resolution sensors.

Precision Timing & Synchronization

IPITEK integrates a wide range of timing and synchronization technologies into its products: IEEE1588v2, Synchronous Ethernet, Adaptive Timing, Local Timing Oscillators, Loop and Line Timing.

Packet-Optical Switching

IPITEK's Optical Networking solutions for Video Transport and Carrier-Grade Ethernet are now integrating OTN technology as specified in ITU-T G.872 (architecture) and G.709 its (frame format and payload mappings).

Optical Subsystems

IPITEK offers complete, feature-rich end-to-end solutions. With over 35 years of experience in fiber-optic transmission, IPITEK can provide all the design and implementation expertise that the customer needs to ensure the best system design. To facilitate this, our active & passive modules & subsystems encompass the elements that make up a full optical transmission system.


















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