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Solutions for Defense, Aerospace and Avionics Research

Defense, Aerospace, & Avionics Research

IPITEK's Defense, Aerospace, and Avionics R&D Division focuses on leading edge technology development for the US government. The R&D is categorized in the 3 areas outlined below.

RF/Photonics Microwave Data Links

IPITEK is developing ultra wideband RF links with bandwidth from 100 MHz to beyond 20 GHz, low RF losses, and increased dynamic range. Such links can be used in high performance Communications, Radar and EW type systems... RF/Microwave Photonic Data Links

Nanotechnology-Based Integrated Photonic Circuits

IPITEK is conducting leading research in both passive and active polymer-based integrated optical circuits. IPITEK IOCs have been previously deployed on the International Space Station...

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Antennas with EMP/HPM Protection

IPITEK is developing electro-optically based RF sensors which can be used for high sensitivity field measurements over ultra wide bandwidths (beyond 10 Ghz) and can also be used to measure the temporal characteristics of EMP... Dialectic EM Field Probes for HPM Test & Evaluation


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