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IPITEK Will Demonstrate MSP-110 Digital Video Transmission System at SCTE SoCal Vendor Days

November 22, 2010

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA – IPITEK, Inc. a premier provider of optical network transmission equipment for a wide range of US and international service providers, announced today that it will demonstrate a number of products at the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) SoCal Vendor Days, December 8-9 in Ontario, CA. Among the products featured will be IPITEK’s MSP-110 Digital Video Transmission System.

The MSP-110 Transmission System is a cost effective problem solver. Multiplexing baseband video and HDTV signals over a single fiber saves valuable fiber assets. In addition, multiple options for unidirectional or bi-directional transport provide more ways to optimize system solutions.

MSP-110 offers wide-range transmission options from short transport distances operating at 1310nm to long haul operations utilizing standard 1550nm transmission or CWDM transmission with link budgets up to 30 dB. There are no compromises in system performance throughout the entire range of link budgets.

The MSP-110 provides options for one-way or two-way transmission within a single MSP-110 unit. This allows the same set of equipment to both transmit and receive at the same time, providing return services where required. This versatile arrangement makes it easy to meet any network topology.

The MSP-110 forward and return path signals can be between two locations or may be from entirely different locations. The system is totally flexible for transmission options, allowing the signal to be carried over a single fiber or be grouped with other signals via one of the many transmission options. Overall, with the wide range of transmit and receive options, the MSP-110 can provide a large variety of transmission functions with minimum equipment.

Founded in 1982, IPITEK is a leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of advanced technology products and services that enable cable and telecommunications companies to process high quality analog and digital signals and better manage and expand their broadband networks. IPITEK offers cost-effective products that are manufactured domestically in top-notch production facilities, and provides a high degree of personalized service and customer care. The company's premiere MSP-10GE Optical Ethernet platform offers flexibility, efficiency and the convenience of technology interoperability, bandwidth-on-demand and remote monitoring. IPITEK ( is ISO-9001 certified and based in Carlsbad, CA.

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