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October 24 , 2016

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA -- IPITEK’s IMTRAN business units MSP-10GE is now gaining significant traction as a cost-effective, high-speed Back-Bone solution at smaller and lower density CATV systems across America.

While the high costs of typical back-bone equipment is often cost-prohibitive for lower density systems, IPITEK offers a unique integration of Core 10G Optical long-distance links, along with integral 1Gig-E and 10/100/1000BASE-T Access extension links at much lower price-points than Metro-Core Solutions. The 10GE product also enables the construction of all new cable network head end interconnection and head end to hub site Ethernet backbones so operators can now offer the same residential services as major cities, while still controlling costs.

The MSP-10GE was first deployed at Cass Cable TV to create a 10 Gig-E all packet-based backbone between their head end and four remote Hub sites where the distances spanned were over 165 miles to serve their 20,000 customers. To further recover costs and generate new revenues, Cass also chose to add new business services onto this new two-way distribution network.

Reflecting on the project, Tom Allen, Cass Cable TV’s Chief Operating Officer, said, “We are extremely pleased with our new system and big fans of IPITEK. The customer service and installation has been great! I would definitely recommend IPITEK as they have made this transition very seamless and smooth.”

This IMTRAN Pure Optical Ethernet solution is ideal for several other tier two and tier three CATV operators who are now in process building out all new packet-based low-cost 10 Gig-E multi-service backbones for their lower subscriber-density yet larger service area distribution systems.

Price sensitivity of residential service delivery is a huge challenge to those service providers who serve Home-Town America. At the same time, reliable service delivery is paramount if the provider is to maintain customer loyalty and avoid costly service interruptions. The MSP-10GE price point, combined with its “plug-in” long-reach optics, network monitoring, protection switching, multi-QOS, ease of provisioning and 1RU of rack space makes it a perfect fit for this kind of application. The MSP-10GE is ideal for any provider looking for ways to deliver cost-effective, optical-powered packet-based services.


Founded in 1982, IPITEK is a leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of advanced technology products and services that enable cable and telecommunications companies to process high quality analog and digital signals and better manage and expand their broadband networks. IPITEK offers cost-effective products that are manufactured domestically in top-notch production facilities, and provides a high degree of personalized service and customer care. The company's premiere MSP-10GE Optical Ethernet platform offers flexibility, efficiency and the convenience of technology interoperability, bandwidth-on-demand and remote monitoring. IPITEK ( is ISO-9001 certified and based in Carlsbad, CA.

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