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September 2 , 2016

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA -- Integrated Photonics Technology (IPITEK), a leading designer, developer, manufacturer and supplier of Video-Optimized Intelligent Broadband Networks, announced today that it has added the HBR-2502 Digital Transport Multiplexer to its Internet Media Transport (IMTRAN®) product line. The HBR-2502 is built to provide a cost-effective total converged solution for video, voice, and data by efficiently managing and expanding a customer’s broadband networks.

IPITEK’s new generation HBR-2502 is an optical fiber multiplexing platform that handles both analog and digital video, TELCO standard T1/E1, T3/E3 and SONET/SDH and Ethernet and asynchronous data. The product maximizes signal flow, eliminating wasted bits to utilize only the amount of required bandwidth for the signal to be transported. The product’s enhanced reliability and low power consumption is provided by the state-of-the-art new generation of advanced common line-cards such as the core routing modules, Node-Controller, and Power system. Ideal for high capacity sites and high-end High Definition build-out, the HBR-2502 is NEBS certified and qualification tested.

“How you manage your bandwidth can determine whether or not you make your budgets; whether or not you can provide top quality, reliable services to your customers effectively and efficiently,” said Michael Salour, chairman and chief executive officer of IPITEK. “With video accounting for a 60% share of all Internet traffic today, IPITEK’s HBR-2502 is built to ensure that you are fully prepared for the video communications revolution.

HBR-2502 is comprised of several individual modules, designed to seamlessly integrate with one another as client needs require: The T1/E1 Module provides users with the ability to support TELCO standard TDM services, including PBX voice, private line fractional T1 data, cell-tower backhaul, frame relay and PPP WAN routing service; the DS3/E3 Module features full support of standards-based T3 or E3 bi-directional signals; the T3/E3 Module is designed for support of either voice or data services; The OC-3/STM-1 Module is an optical in/optical out multi-mode or single mode optical repeater which integrates within the overall HBR-2502, OC-48c/STM-16c system; the Ethernet Switch Module provides three Ethernet Switch ports, for use with 10BaseT or 100BaseT Ethernet signals; and the Serial Communications Module provides an optimized method for carrying asynchronous data traffic.


Founded in 1982, IPITEK is a leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of advanced technology products and services that enable cable and telecommunications companies to process high quality analog and digital signals and better manage and expand their broadband networks. IPITEK offers cost-effective products that are manufactured domestically in top-notch production facilities, and provides a high degree of personalized service and customer care. The company's premiere MSP-10GE Optical Ethernet platform offers flexibility, efficiency and the convenience of technology interoperability, bandwidth-on-demand and remote monitoring. IPITEK ( is ISO-9001 certified and based in Carlsbad, CA.

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