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April 21 , 2016

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA -- Integrated Photonics Technology (IPITEK), a leading designer, developer, manufacturer and supplier of Intelligent Broadband Networks, announced today that it has added the MSP-1GE product to its portfolio of Ethernet transport offerings. With the MSP-1GE, service providers now have a cost-effective, intelligent demarcation point for their customers when delivering Metro Ethernet-based business services.

Equipped with an extensive suite of tools for remote network monitoring and maintenance, the MSP-1GE makes it possible for providers to reliably deliver on established service level agreements and avoid costly truck rolls. The new product includes tools that monitor physical wiring and power outages, and support loopback so service providers know their customer's circuit is up. The MSP-1GE is part of IPITEK's solution for end-to-end optical Ethernet transport of a full range of business services, offering features such as ease of use, low latency, flexible configuration, protection switching, the ability to control traffic flows for “any rate” services, and extensive network monitoring in a compact 1 Gigabit Ethernet switch.

“With the addition of the MSP-1GE, IPITEK can now offer a complete suite of solutions to business service providers,” said David Wolfson, IPITEK's Ethernet Product Line Manager. “The MSP-1GE leverages the architecture of our MSP-10GE product, presenting a one-stop shop for solutions that enable delivery of reliable services from the Central Office to the customer premise.”

IPITEK's MSP-1GE product features a separate fast Metro Ethernet management port supporting out-of-band management in addition to in-band management together with a command line and web-based interface. Furthermore, both fully redundant AC and DC power supplies are supported. The MSP-1GE is available in two models: a 6-port model that includes 4 ports for standard copper wiring and 2 slots for industry standard small form-factor pluggable (SFP) modules for fiber connections; and a 16-port model available with 12 ports for copper and 4 slots for SFPs. Both models are compact enough for up to three units to share one rack unit space.


Founded in 1982, IPITEK is a leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of advanced technology products and services that enable cable and telecommunications companies to process high quality analog and digital signals and better manage and expand their broadband networks. IPITEK offers cost-effective products that are manufactured domestically in top-notch production facilities, and provides a high degree of personalized service and customer care. The company's premiere MSP-10GE Optical Ethernet platform offers flexibility, efficiency and the convenience of technology interoperability, bandwidth-on-demand and remote monitoring. IPITEK ( is ISO-9001 certified and based in Carlsbad, CA.

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