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March 15, 2016

Meeting the evolving requirements for high performance video and data services has been the driving force in engineering IPITEK's optical transport systems family for over 23 years. With the continuing expansion of HDTV and data services throughout the broadcast and broadband industries, IPITEK introduces the new HBR-2502 optical transport system. Designed to meet the need for a full services system transport, the HBR-2502 enables the user to aggregate a wide range of standard analog and digital video signals for transport over a dedicated fiber optic link or through any standard SONET/SDH network.

The HBR-2502 provides transport for a wide variety of HDTV signals, including SDI (SMPTE-259M), SDTI (SMPTE-305), MPEG-2 and DVB-ASI transport. At the same time, these signals may be combined with standard video, TV-IF and data signals.

The HBR-2502 system expands operating capability with the addition of the new VCX module. The VCX is the key to expanded levels of operation, especially in optical network services. VCX performs all of the multiplexing, demultiplexing and cross connect functions for the HBR system. In addition, VCX expands the system capability by providing the necessary function for operation in "Next-Gen" SONET/SDH networks. The new multiplexing engine utilizes General Framing Protocol (GFP) to provide full flexibility and transport options for multi-service video centric networks. This technology allows HBR-2502 services to be encapsulated into SONET/SDH payloads while maintaining the IPITEK's bandwidth design that allows the unit to oversubscribe data, allowing more data to be carried as compared to a standard system.

The VCX Virtual Cross Connect engine combines HDTV and/or analog video together with other data services to be divided into TDM containers that utilize bandwidth around a SONET/SDH ring in a highly efficient manner. The VCX also includes high speed Rocket I/O ports, allowing interconnection of newer services directly into the HBR-2502. The Rocket ports provide interfacing of Gigabit Ethernet (GigE, Fibre Channel, OC-12 or other high speed services to be transported over an HBR-2502 ring.

HBR-2502 provides full operating performance for Next-Gen SONET/SDH and SONET/SDH compliance for OC-48/STM-16 line rate, signal format, overhead function and payload mapping. The new unit also provides for dual external BITS timing inputs for full redundancy and SONNET/SDH 50 ms Automatic Protection Switching. In addition, HBR-2502 offers both OC-3/STM-1and OC-12/STM-4 Interfaces.

IPITEK's vision of advanced IpTV networks is driven by the forward looking requirements of our broadband, broadcast and telecommunications customers. IPITEK responds to these challenges with advanced high performance, cost effective equipment and architectures, designed by highly focused teams of advanced research and development engineers. They create the products that enable broadband systems to deploy Analog, HDTV and advanced Ip services of the future today. IPITEK's history of ongoing product support assures its customers of the importance of meeting the needs of today and continuing its tradition of being a leader of the technological advances of the future.


Founded in 1982, IPITEK is a leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of advanced technology products and services that enable cable and telecommunications companies to process high quality analog and digital signals and better manage and expand their broadband networks. IPITEK offers cost-effective products that are manufactured domestically in top-notch production facilities, and provides a high degree of personalized service and customer care. The company's premiere MSP-10GE Optical Ethernet platform offers flexibility, efficiency and the convenience of technology interoperability, bandwidth-on-demand and remote monitoring. IPITEK ( is ISO-9001 certified and based in Carlsbad, CA.

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