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Lumitherm X7 OEM Temperature Board

LT-X7 OEM Temperature Board

OEM Temperature Board

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LT-X5O OEM Temperature Board

Lumitherm X7 OEM Temperature Board

The LumiTherm OEM Temperature Board is an opto-electronic signal conditioner designed to be embedded in a host product. This OEM Signal Conditioner works in conjunction with the X5 line of fiber optic temperature Sensors. X5 Sensors provide accurate and reliable measurements in environments where conventional temperature sensors are unreliable or inoperable. The LT-X7 advances the Lumitherm technology with greater resolution and control than the LT-X5.
  • TRUE Accuracy to Better than ±0.2º C
  • Range from -40 to 250º C
  • 1 to 4 Channels
  • Fast Response
  • Serial Communication Interface, Analog Output & Ethernet
  • Automatic Self-Diagnosis for Improved Reliability

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