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IPITEK Introduces High-Performance Broadcast-Quality Video over Ethernet


We live in the midst of the Internet video revolution. Video is the major source of traffic on the Internet. This pattern is increasing exponentially! The two primary drivers of the video revolution are increasing penetration of broadband access technologies and development of easy-to-use video content creation. The demand for more bandwidth is clearly driven by IP-based applications and consequently service providers are looking at an infrastructure that best supports such applications. It has become clear that a packet-centric infrastructure is preferred and such technologies are displacing technologies like SONET, ATM and Frame Relay in new buildouts, this is due to the high cost and lack of flexibility associated with legacy technologies. Thus, there is no doubt that future video services will be delivered over packet based (dominantly IP/Ethernet) networks. However, the requirements of video services are distinctly different from the requirements of data Internet services and this posses major challenges on the architecture, design, and provisioning of video services. From the development of its earliest video transport products over 20 years ago, to the newest products now available, IPITEK has provided the video transport industry with many solutions. Today, IPITEK leads the market by introducing a new solution that allows broadcasters as well as carriers to carry DVB-ASI video over IP networks, a step toward complete migration to packet-based transport networks.

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